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Forever childish, loves cheese and cake and the two combined. Inconsistent art style and crappy coloring because I suck. Wishes to go to chese paradise.


Palette Challenge #7 by baby-kangaroo
Palette Challenge #7
I dunno who she is actually.

A lot of experimenting with this one, especially since the palette is so nice. I started off with one gal, then to another, then another... finally she is no one at all. I didn't know where to use the remaining two colors so I just slabbed them somewhere on her clothes.

Forgive the unusual eye.
Palette Challenge #6 by baby-kangaroo
Palette Challenge #6
This took longer than usual. Blue and red with a tint of yellow, what goes well? I can't think of anything until a few days ago when I was playing Ar Tonelico II and inspiration came with a bam!

Hymmnos Concert covers! Colors are according to the Reyvateil's respective sides. 

I have a REALLY hard time drawing Cloche's hair... thingy. It's too round. I'm pretty satisfied with Luca, especially her hairpiece.

Paint tool SAI, Photoshop, 5 hrs
Finished... badges... very... tired...
  • Mood: Artistic
Trials are over (forgot to mention) and holidays are here (today's the last day, school reopens tomorrow)~ I was in drawing mood again and managed to sore my shoulders with a whole day of designing in SAI! Made some progress in coloring skin and shading! Yay!

Lately Google Chrome is being a jerk by not letting me gain access into Soundcloud and Dropbox. The sites can't even load. dA? It loads alright, but Chrome won't let me log in! Luckily I still have Firefox as backup, so that's why I can write this journal entry. I gave up trying to 'negotiate' with Chrome.

There's two more months or less till the real exams start and I'm not ready. If I wish to pass with moderate colors, I had to start studying after today everyday. Living a few months without tumblr is minor, but NOT WITHOUT BOOKS I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DARE STOP ME FROM READING (I'll probably just scream in agony). My precious collection is not here yet, though it's already been three months! When will it ship?!

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